Politics that tick me off!

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President Bush pretty much spelled it out during one of his press conferences recently. The problem with what our nation is going through lies with Congress! It’s true indeed, but democrats in particular, who have managed to block any further exploration of oil reserves and have repeatedly blocked any attempts to build new oil refineries, are particularly to blame for the mess we’re in. Democrats pull funding from our military then blame the Republicans for our military’s inability to get the job done. The truth of the matter is of Public Record, yet few citizens actually want to know the truth of the matter, they simply want their choices to be the right ones regardless of the realities that face them.

Let me make it quite clear to all those who’ll read my blogs, I won’t pull any punches and I refuse to allow idiocy to reign supreme over common sense! If you’ll just sit down and weigh the reality of what is going on in the world and how we are truly perceived by other nations, then study the true history of those very same nations who condemn our actions, you’ll begin to see a pattern of oppositional hypocrisy!

We are the greatest Nation in the known world today! To remain so we must face the truths of those we fight against and understand the brutality of their beliefs. We must take a stand for ourselves without having to placate the simplistic notions of other nations who are not even recognizing what their own countries are suffering from due to rampant actions by the very radicals they accuse us of persecuting without provocation. Without provocation? What’s it take to wake some people the hell up?!! All I ask is for you to just look around and actually pay attention to what is really taking place! It may shock you, but the truth of the matter is, we are in this pretty deep, and it’ll take our ability to face the truth and our faith in ourselves as a Nation to get us through!

Shiny up y’all, and until next time, Peace be with you, so says the Poet


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I spent fifteen years and over fifteen thousand dollars building, from the ground up, my 1959 Harley Panhead. With a 57 straight leg frame frame, roller top tranny with a hand-jammer and a wide glide front end, she was one sweet momma, to say the least. But here comes the heart-breaker. Due to an illness that completely overwhelmed me and the treatment for it that totally wore me down, I got a little behind on our mortgage. In order to stay afloat it became necessary for me to find some serious cash, and fast, to pay off our climbing debt. So, as difficult as it was to let go, I sold my darling Pan to a friend. And it was a sacrifice too, and although he paid me enough to keep us afloat for awhile longer, it barely covered the cost of the motor itself! This was not the first time I had to give up one of my sleds to make ends meet and keep a roof over our heads and food on the table either. Therein lies the heartbreak, you can never recover from such a loss as the loss of your ride when your soul itself is comforted and calmed by your ride, and nothing else can ever take the place of what makes you who you are. But I do have a safety net, my old rat bike! She’s not much to look at but she sure grabs a bit of attention wherever we go. Then again it could just be me. After all, I am Poet!

The Story of Sugar Bear, Part III – The conclusion

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Why, we rode her to Maine up to Blueberry Hill, down the coast of Virginia, then out to Ft. Sill, from the shores of Key West to the west Texas 10, to the beaches of “Dago,” and twice back again. Now it’s true, on occasion, a tire I’ve blown. And then there’s that time in Virginia, the ol’ lady was thrown. And she’s lost headlights and chains, and the fender once too. And the times that I’ve dropped her, number up quite a few. But she carried me faithful till the end of her life, and I believe had she had a pu$$y, I’d make her my wife!

Well ’bout ends my description of my sled, “Sugar Bear,” the sweet Flathead, 74 inch VL, 1932 (what a pair!). And for all of our troubles for all the ol’ lady’s tears, throughout the hardships and heartaches, throughout all the years, the only complaints ever spoken, only complaint ever told, was ’bout my ol’ lady’s bruised a$$ from a bare fender too cold!

The Story of Sugar Bear, Part II

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She looked “all held together” with wire and tape, with like, ten pounds of silicone that added to her shape. She first came all together from another man’s crash, with an occasional piece from some hog shop’s trash. She’d a few front fins missin’, four maybe three. They either broke up in Jersey or downtown D.C., well wherever it was, they were stuck in a tree. The buddy pegs came from a fiend where I’d worked, the rear taillight got cracked with the face of some jerk. And though it appeared that her motor was as filthy as sin, be assured her mechanics were spotless within.

Now to some “twould appear that she don’t sound too good, but she’s carried me further then ever yours could. She commanded respect, and let there be no doubt, if she didn’t receive it, then I’d knock yer a$$ out! Why, from every scratch on her gas tank, to all the rust on her frame, speak of rainstorms in Texas, and snowstorms in Maine, of sunshine through Kansas, of hail in St. Lou’, of parties, and people, (and spills and shit too!) And you can ask my ol’ lady, she’ll back it all up, that that sled which I speak, ’twas a ‘one-kicker-up”!

To be continued . . .

The Story of “Sugar Bear”

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I’m gonna tell ya’ll a tale of a sled I held dear, a “one-in-million,” whose soul once appeared at a spot in Ohio, but that’s another story I fear; so sit up and listen, and be sure and pay heed, and I’ll tell of the soul of a proud iron steed.

Now, she weren’t much to look at, but she sure caught your eye, she’d a seat sewed in leather and I patched with deer hide. She’d a springer front end with black bungees wrapped tight ’round her legs, just in case they’d break loose some night. The drag bars were held on with dog-bones, mismatched. And it was clearly apparent that the trees had been patched. On the top of her jockey was the skull of a dog. And that larger dent in her gas tank, the results of quick stopping, (and abusing a long). She’d an old rigid frame that loved bustin’ my ass, and on her neck were the words, “ass, grass, or gas.”

To be continued……

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