The Story of Sugar Bear, Part II

April 9, 2008 on 1:22 am | In Business, Friends, Harley-Davidson, Leather & Lace, Life, Poetry, The Good Ol' Days, Travel | Comments Off on The Story of Sugar Bear, Part II

She looked “all held together” with wire and tape, with like, ten pounds of silicone that added to her shape. She first came all together from another man’s crash, with an occasional piece from some hog shop’s trash. She’d a few front fins missin’, four maybe three. They either broke up in Jersey or downtown D.C., well wherever it was, they were stuck in a tree. The buddy pegs came from a fiend where I’d worked, the rear taillight got cracked with the face of some jerk. And though it appeared that her motor was as filthy as sin, be assured her mechanics were spotless within.

Now to some “twould appear that she don’t sound too good, but she’s carried me further then ever yours could. She commanded respect, and let there be no doubt, if she didn’t receive it, then I’d knock yer a$$ out! Why, from every scratch on her gas tank, to all the rust on her frame, speak of rainstorms in Texas, and snowstorms in Maine, of sunshine through Kansas, of hail in St. Lou’, of parties, and people, (and spills and shit too!) And you can ask my ol’ lady, she’ll back it all up, that that sled which I speak, ’twas a ‘one-kicker-up”!

To be continued . . .

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