The Story of Sugar Bear, Part III – The conclusion

April 15, 2008 on 3:11 am | In Harley-Davidson, Health, Leather & Lace, Life, Poetry, The Good Ol' Days, Travel | Comments Off on The Story of Sugar Bear, Part III – The conclusion

Why, we rode her to Maine up to Blueberry Hill, down the coast of Virginia, then out to Ft. Sill, from the shores of Key West to the west Texas 10, to the beaches of “Dago,” and twice back again. Now it’s true, on occasion, a tire I’ve blown. And then there’s that time in Virginia, the ol’ lady was thrown. And she’s lost headlights and chains, and the fender once too. And the times that I’ve dropped her, number up quite a few. But she carried me faithful till the end of her life, and I believe had she had a pu$$y, I’d make her my wife!

Well ’bout ends my description of my sled, “Sugar Bear,” the sweet Flathead, 74 inch VL, 1932 (what a pair!). And for all of our troubles for all the ol’ lady’s tears, throughout the hardships and heartaches, throughout all the years, the only complaints ever spoken, only complaint ever told, was ’bout my ol’ lady’s bruised a$$ from a bare fender too cold!

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