The Story of “Sugar Bear”

April 4, 2008 on 1:33 am | In Harley-Davidson, Leather & Lace, Life, Poetry, The Good Ol' Days, Travel | Comments Off on The Story of “Sugar Bear”

I’m gonna tell ya’ll a tale of a sled I held dear, a “one-in-million,” whose soul once appeared at a spot in Ohio, but that’s another story I fear; so sit up and listen, and be sure and pay heed, and I’ll tell of the soul of a proud iron steed.

Now, she weren’t much to look at, but she sure caught your eye, she’d a seat sewed in leather and I patched with deer hide. She’d a springer front end with black bungees wrapped tight ’round her legs, just in case they’d break loose some night. The drag bars were held on with dog-bones, mismatched. And it was clearly apparent that the trees had been patched. On the top of her jockey was the skull of a dog. And that larger dent in her gas tank, the results of quick stopping, (and abusing a long). She’d an old rigid frame that loved bustin’ my ass, and on her neck were the words, “ass, grass, or gas.”

To be continued……

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