Twist of Life

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I come from a rather large family, eight of us to be exact. Five brothers and two sisters. I’m in the middle. Born to a military family we traveled a lot so I was always the new kid on the block. Not that that wasn’t hard enough as it is, but I had to follow my older brothers and the one sister through school, time and time again. Fact is, they could read and write, do the alphabet forwards and backwards and count in two languages before they entered school. This seemed to frustrate the teachers for some reason so the school board came down on my folks stating that it was their job to teach. Whatever else was said I’m not sure, but when it came time for me to go to school, the teachers all assumed my parents had already taught me so they neglected to even attempt to teach me anything. Therefore I never learned to read and write until around the fourth grade and only then because of my mom giving me comic books. That itself was the beginning of the system letting me down. This kind of action plagued my youth. When we returned from Germany the US school system was just starting integrating the schools. I was sent to one called “Lula G. Scott Elementary”. A one time school for Blacks that the system surely didn’t care too much about. But even there I was a bit of a problem and wound up having the school system shut me out again. This time they promised my folks that if they kept me out of school that they would graduate me and even allow me to attend any after school functions if I so desired, just so long as I didn’t enter the school itself, especially during school hours. Needless to say, I graduated from that school then it was on to the next one. All in all it was pretty much the same wherever I went, so I never really went to a complete school year and wound up dropping out completely after one day of the eighth grade.

It wasn’t long before my character started getting me into serious trouble. Not just with the law but with street gangs and other hoods. Eventually I wound up being busted and sent by the courts and the military’s “Champus” to “Boys town”. This was a place outside of Cincinnati, Ohio called Mount Alverno, a school for wayward boys run by the “Brothers of the Poor St. Francis”, an order of monks. I was there for three and a half years, but did manage to run off a few times while I was incarcerated there. I also broke quite a few records while there. I’ll talk about my time there on another occasion. I will, however say that an incident hat occurred while I was in “The Yard” actually turned my life around somewhat. And that I owe much of what I’ve become, (the good part of me that is), to one Brother Victor Callahan. He showed me trust, and his actions still influence me today. I owe him a lot. And I often wonder whatever became of him. Mt. Alverno was torn down in 1971 shortly after I was released back into the world. Which explains why I was released I guess.

About me:

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I’m an old school harley ridin’ hardass with attitude. I’m over 50 now,still puttin’, and still an asshole. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, built my first hawg when I was but 12 years of age with the help of a coupla local hardcore tramps, now long dead, (but not forgotten). In my some 40 odd years of ridin’, I’ve ’bout seen it all, and been participant in most that. I’ve served in both the Army AND Navy, and honorbly discharged from both. A bad attitude with three failed marriages and one rightious ol’ lady who’se managed to hang with this old dog for well over 30 years now. I’ve ridden to and thru 49 of the 50 states and about 28 or so countries. Hopefully I’m remembered by a few with some degree of favorability, and to those that’ve found me unlikable, well, they can STILL kiss me where the sun don’t shine. Now I’ve been witness, as over the years tastes in sleds have changed, as has the “biker” community itself, and even how motorcyclists in general are now percieved. Myself, Well I believe Harley hasn’t really built a motorcycle since 1966, but then again thats just my opinion, and ya’ll know what they say about opinions! And one more thing…ownin’ a bike don’t make ya no biker! and bein’ a biker don’t make ya no badass! shiny up now ya hear!?

Never judge a book by its cover

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“See us here we heathen type
smoking evil weed from homemade pipe
with greasestained jeans
and unkempt hair
a big ol’ “hawg”
and no underwear

filthy mouths and wicked minds
a form of life of the lowest kind
we fornicate, we fight
we ride, we lust

we eat like pigs
no-one we trust

uncouth, unclean, uncaring we
and naught but this they ever see
 so we flip the bird
and laughing shout…


The wonder behind the “Thunder”

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Memorial day always brings out a bit of angst in me. Don’t get me wrong here, after all, I’m a two service vet with two honorable discharges. And I fully support the actions of those members of the new Rolling Thunder crowd that commemorate the service of veterans everywhere and so show their support with this annual run to the wall and all. But what tics me off ever so slightly is this rolling thunder claims of their all being there for the first rolling thunder! That, my friends, is a load of bull! For one thing, the first event took place a few years earlier then when they’re claiming it did. Not only that, but the first run was over a helmet protest and simply escalated from there. Hell, the “Wall” hadn’t even been built for crissakes! The reason I know this was because I myself was there. The idea originated in the nudie bars in DC where many of us congregated at the time. The original crew were made up of one per-centers and radical independents, the unrecognized motorcycle society that so few wish to acknowledge. But like so many factions of our world, it has been turned to other meanings, much like the “Hog Riders” association taking the nickname of our Harleys and making it into some yuppie free for all, club patches and the whole nine yards. So is the way of “Rolling Thunder”. They’ve managed to do much the same with the handle given to the sound of gathering sleds of an underground nation.

Well, more power to ’em, let ’em go for it. Watch as they try and make respectable a tiny section of our life. Only thing is, if you look close enough, what makes them up these days are simply part timers and weekend warriors, old taggers that’ve found a new release in an old world. Like I said before…there are so few of us left, you rarely see the reality of what lays hidden behind the facade of today’s so called, “bikers”!


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As I lay listening to the music on the satellite TV hookup, had it tuned to the 70’s station first off, and after searching all the stations and scoping’ on them for a bit, I’ve a pure opinion of the crux of today’s music the new youth are listening to…they’ve BUTCHERED it! I mean really. Of course the stations only go back to the forties but they cover each decade from the 40’s to the present. And they do it decade by decade, so you can actually get a fairly good grasp on the growth and/or destruction of the quality of lyrical expression over the years. And let me tell you, when one century ends, the sudden decline might just amaze you.

Music used to be a celebration of life’s trials and tribulations, with the whimsical and sometimes off the wall song thrown in just to keep ya grinning’. Even country music covered the realities of life with a bit of the dramatic, but the music was good, the rhythm was there, and you could not only relate to the songs but you could actually understand what the heck they were saying! Now-a-days you’re lucky to get the title right after hearing the same song a half dozen times wondering each time if that is indeed the same song?! And its more trash talk than anything even closely related to real music. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with my assessment of the musical trend. And if you are inclined to actually like that “rap” stuff, then I offer my sincere condolences for your lack of taste. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear some ZZ Top in the other room! Bye y’all…

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