On to Brimfield…

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For several years I’ve been going to a place called Brimfield, in Massachusetts, to set up a booth of Native American gear, cowboy gear, antiquities of all sorts and collectibles ,ranging from the mundane to severely eclectic one of a kinds rarely seen anywhere else. Billed as the largest Flea market in the US, it offers what no other market has. The rule of thumb is that if it can be found for sale, it can be found in Brimfield!
This year my youngest will once again accompany me to the market for 4 to 5 days of working the retail, wholesale, trade and hustle business of the flea marketeer. She loves doing the markets with me, and with Brimfield being the largest and by far the most exciting, she is about as excited as a school girl can get over such things. But she really does have a good time with her ol’ dad, selling and trading our wares with the public at large. Gives her insight as to the character of different people, aids her in mathematics by her dealing with money repeatedly. She has learned different methods of packing and storage, setup and presentation, reading maps and figuring out directions.
This year though, what with the price of gas constantly rising and the frailty of the buying public’s fears about the economy, may be our last hurrah for awhile, at least when it comes to going all the way up to Massachusetts and dealing with paying high setup costs, out of sight gas prices and a faltering economy. We may be stuck doing the occasional yard sale or local flea markets if things don’t pick up soon. Between my failing health, aging and other family issues, long drives several states away could very well become a practice of the past. But you never know, things could always change. And I’m hoping they do, after all, it’s what I do!

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