To Be, or What?

May 3, 2008 on 10:01 am | In Health, Life, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Having recently successfully completed treatment for a viral blood disease, I have become more aware of my own mortality. Strange as it may sound, during my youth it was not even a question in the deepest recesses of my mind. I have survived being shot, stabbed, nearly decapitated, and even blown up. I’ve wrecked my bike more then a few times under severe conditions, and yet even then my own mortality never came into the picture. Now the other driver’s mortality most assuredly came to mind, but not mine! I believe it may have something to do with my advancing age, the new found awareness of my own mortality that is.

Now that the VA has been treating me for ailments that have continued to plague me over the years, and the fact that I have pretty much settled down to a more “genteel” lifestyle in order to raise my children under stabler conditions closer to being civilized, it has become quite apparent that my body has seen better days! Between bad back problems that have been the cause of much pain, (and raising two girls that have been the cause of extreme mental stress), I’ve finally come to realize that I am not immune to succumbing to death itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always known that I could die, I just never accepted the fact that it could take so long!

Never the less, I am extremely grateful for the VA and all they’ve done for me. I cannot complain about the care I’ve received from them. The SSA now is another story altogether. It took me three years or better to get disability through that administration and even then they continue to try and cut back my checks, sometimes by more than half! I do believe that my back problems will be the death of me. Sometimes the pain is just too excruciating to bear, were it not for the care I receive through the Veterans Administration, I doubt I would even be here today. And were it not for the love and prodding of my mate of over thirty years, I doubt I’d have ever gone to the VA to begin with!

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  1. Thats deep man, I will one day have to have treatment for my blood disease but I am hoping that by then things like the The Kanzius machine will be able to cure what I got. If you get a chance check out this great video on 60 minutes about it

    Comment by Jesse — May 8, 2008 #

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