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I’m an old school harley ridin’ hardass with attitude. I’m over 50 now,still puttin’, and still an asshole. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, built my first hawg when I was but 12 years of age with the help of a coupla local hardcore tramps, now long dead, (but not forgotten). In my some 40 odd years of ridin’, I’ve ’bout seen it all, and been participant in most that. I’ve served in both the Army AND Navy, and honorbly discharged from both. A bad attitude with three failed marriages and one rightious ol’ lady who’se managed to hang with this old dog for well over 30 years now. I’ve ridden to and thru 49 of the 50 states and about 28 or so countries. Hopefully I’m remembered by a few with some degree of favorability, and to those that’ve found me unlikable, well, they can STILL kiss me where the sun don’t shine. Now I’ve been witness, as over the years tastes in sleds have changed, as has the “biker” community itself, and even how motorcyclists in general are now percieved. Myself, Well I believe Harley hasn’t really built a motorcycle since 1966, but then again thats just my opinion, and ya’ll know what they say about opinions! And one more thing…ownin’ a bike don’t make ya no biker! and bein’ a biker don’t make ya no badass! shiny up now ya hear!?

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