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Once again I got rained on at Brimfield! It would seem that the rain gods just won’t allow me the good fortune to get through a whole show in yankee-land without my getting wet! I’m beginning to have second thoughts as to my continuing to set up at the Brimfield Massachusetts antique show. While many of the dealers that I know continue to talk up their profit margin with tales of them making anywheres from 8 to 75 thousand dollars in three days. I can’t seem to break the 2 thousand mark for the life of me. And its not because of my gear, for crissakes, my gear is as good, and in many cases better, than what they carry. I’m sure some of the braggadocio is simply that. But I do see many of them making the big bucks while my booth is lacking in visitation. A lot of it may have to do with location. I have been offered by several other dealers to set up in their fields for a longer period of time at nearly the same costs. AND, they have more to offer then where I am at presently. Guess I am going to have to give it some serious thought if i am to continue doing the show there. maybe it is time for a change after all!

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