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There seems to be so few of us left. That is, people from my unrecognized society. Us Bikers, old timers, true one-per centers, radical independent nomads. and a half dozen other tags we’ve been given over the years. But there is your “ol’ lady”, not “old lady” but “ol’-lady”, (Trust me here, there is a difference), to whom you’ve committed yourself to, almost always but for a short period of time. But every so often, a man catches sight of his “split-apart”, that one special half of you that so few in life ever get the chance to know. Once the two halves make contact, there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that could or would not be forgiven. The reason I bring this up is because of the ongoing drama being played out with the Hogans. You know, Hulk Hogan and family, from WWF to TV stardom etcetera, etcetera. Anyway they are being touted as the worlds perfect match, the clean family of moral standards, yada, yada, yada. Thing is is that ol Hulk had himself a little tryst with his daughters now ex-best friend and I guess ol wifey either walked in on them or the daughter did, never the less she is divorcing him over it. That’s when ya know the present love of your life just ain’t the one! I mean really, over a little indiscretion like humpin’ another woman?! Get real, and it works both ways too. Now I myself never did quite understand the concept of jealousy. Now I can see where a little light-hearted jealousy could possibly spice the relationship up a step or two when it comes down to it. But not the stupidity and grade school playground crap that we hear so much about these days. Forget it, it’s really pretty simple. If the love you hold for each other is pure in its essence and you have truly committed yourselves one unto the other, then there is no question as to the possibility that something or someone could come between the two, (or three), of you. (I had to add the “three” cause ya just never know!).

Anyway, your split-apart is the one mate you’ll grow old with, that is, if either of you is fortunate enough to even get to a ripe old age. Why, every indiscretion, every disagreement, all differences of opinion or beliefs, even any action that could possibly hurt one or the other’s feelings…is completely forgivable!  Now this doesn’t mean you won’t suffer the consequences of your actions. Just means she’s gonna forgive for dallying with that waitress down at the diner right as shes swinging the baseball bat at your head!

Below is myself and my lovely “split-apart” of over 30 years now!


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