As time advances

June 5, 2008 on 4:01 pm | In Health, Life, The Good Ol' Days, Uncategorized | Comments Off on As time advances

They tell me that the worse part of growing old, is growing old! What they didn’t mention was the physical breakdown, I’m guessing that no-one ever figured I’d live past my twenties anyway. And to be honest, had I not met the woman that has shared my life for the past thirty some years, I may well have expired some time back. But now, as my youth has long been spent and my body broken a few to many times to mention, the recklessness of the younger more energetic period of my life is catching up with me. I’ve survived quite a few close calls in my time. Recently having successfully completed treatment for hepatitis C, and given a clean bill of health as far as my blood goes, I look forward to the VA fixing my back problems. Seems I’ve quite a few bad discs and such that are the cause of intense pain. Which is being treated with medication as several back procedures have so far failed. But there is always hope, after all, they cured me of hep c and that used to be a death sentence!

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