D.C’s Gun Ban

June 27, 2008 on 5:43 am | In Life, Opinion, Politics, Uncategorized | Comments Off on D.C’s Gun Ban

It’s about time that the supreme court ruled on the illegal gun ban that has had the District of Columbia imprisoned by criminals with the upper hand. Those that would speak out against the average citizen having the right to defend themselves and their loved ones as well as their property against low-lifes that have no respect for life or property of any kind should themselves be subjected to the terror of helplessness. Police are an “after the fact” recourse. Really now, face the reality of what the police themselves can actually do to protect the average citizen from the criminal element. Absolutely nothing until “after the fact”! Unless a crime has been committed and that proof is available, readily available, along with an eyewitness, then there is little the law¬†will do. They either have to witness the act themselves or have probable cause to interfere beforehand. Otherwise its simply something you are afraid of might happen. Far too many times has the lack of a handgun by a law abiding citizen cost them their valuables, their self respect and even the lives of their loved ones as well as their own lives. When they first enacted the gun ban in D.C. some three decades back, the streets have become increasingly unsafe, until there was no place, no neighborhood, during any time of day or night, where one could feel safe from attack. Rapes and murders and drive by shootings have become a daily occurrence in the District. Even kids in school have no assurance of safety. Washington D.C., like other cities that have banned guns from being owned and/or carried by the law-abiding members of our society, has shown that if you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have them!. The destruction of the American way of life is being carried out by left wing fanatics, bleeding heart liberals, and the Democratic Party. Add the idiocy of celebrities¬†and you have one helluva clusterflock to deal with. Perhaps now, with the right to bear arms reinstated within the city limits, those criminals will come to understand that their once easy prey, can now fight back on more even ground.

Now if the Supreme Court could gather the cajones to rule on the immigration problem in this country, especially when it comes to allowing the influx of Muslims to continue unabated, Then maybe, just maybe mind you, we’ll be able to reverse the effects that are right now plaguing Europe and Canada in regards to the Islamic hi-jacking of their respective societies.

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