Father’s Day

June 8, 2008 on 6:33 pm | In Friends, Leather & Lace, Life, Opinion, Relatives, The Good Ol' Days, Travel, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Father’s Day

Now the funny thing about the upcoming Father’s Day Weekend, is that my ol’ lady has decided to kidnap me for the weekend and carry me and the kids off to her mother’s place on the water. The reason I always find any visit to my in-laws humorous, is that when I first got together with my wife all they knew about me was that I was some horrible, tattooed, bearded, outlaw biker that was just out to get their money! As far as they knew, and all that they’d ever believed about, “my type of person”, was pure evil incarnate that went through innocent girls like candy bars! I was a street person while they were very upper class and to them, the two worlds aren’t ever supposed to mix. I still grin whenever I think about it. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve grown to, pretty much, love me. After all, me and the ol’ lady’s commitment to each other has outlasted and been far more solid than any of their own pairings, of which we’ve witnessed all of them go through a number of tumultuous relationships over the years. And of right now, they all seem to have finally settled somewhat with their present mates. Yes, indeed, can’t wait to see my in-laws this weekend!

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