Flea market trends

June 21, 2008 on 7:33 pm | In Business, Flea Market, Friends, Life, Opinion, The Good Ol' Days, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Flea market trends

Spent the day at the local flea market trying to make a few bucks so I can pay some bills around here, again. Seems like the bills keep coming faster and the finances keep getting slimmer and coming slower. hard to sell quality merchandise at a fair price when half the market is filled with dollar store mentality shoppers who are more into strolling and critiquing the merchants then purchasing anything for their homes or themselves. Times are not as bad as everyone is trying to make them out to be. But if the sheep fear the wolf is going to foreclose on their little straw homes or take their job and give it to the burros, then what can you do but suck it up and laugh at the insecure citizens over their ignorance. Things really have to get better soon or I’m just going to have to pack it in for awhile and lay low till the dust settles and people are more willing to spend. Looks like anymore that the dealers are the only ones doing anything about it. Only problem there is that we just seem to be trading gear and passing around the same money from one pocket to the next just to keep appearances up. At least that way we can pretend we’re still making something.

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