Not Quite What Was Expected

June 17, 2008 on 8:56 am | In Friends, Harley-Davidson, Leather & Lace, Life, Opinion, Pretty Patches, Relatives, The Good Ol' Days, Travel, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Not Quite What Was Expected

The ol’ lady and I took our girls and two of our youngests friends out to the water on Father’s Day weekend so that we might enjoy a few days of relaxation. It didn’t quite turn out the way she had expected. What with all the stress she’s under handling just about anything and everything , she didn’t quite appreciate everybody telling her “not” to do so much. She felt like everyone was criticising her every move in voicing their opinions on whatever she said, or so it seemed to her. In all actuality they were just a bit overly concerned that she was ruining her health by doing so much. What they can’t seem to comprehend is that she likes doing things for people less fortunate then ourselves. We’ve both pretty much been that way from way before we even met, we’re scooter folk for crissakes. We know what it’s like to be down and nearly out. Our people have helped us in times of need and it’s only natural to reach out when you can and assist a fella or a dame in need. Especially if they have kids. Never suffer the innocent we believe.

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