Say that Again

June 11, 2008 on 6:46 am | In Harley-Davidson, Health, Leather & Lace, Life, Opinion, Technology, The Good Ol' Days, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Say that Again

My darling wife and fiercely loyal compatriot, the intelligent, patient mother of my children…”BARFED ” on me today!! Poor girl, we’d ordered out for tacos and burritos and what she called a “Mexican pizza”. Which, by the way, is what we believe made her so sick. Now if you didn’t think it looked more like chunky menudo than a pizza, you most surely did after the second coming! It was bad! Almost had me gagging there for a minute. But like a good ol’ man, I held her hair back and rubbed her neck, told her everything would be alright and she did it again! All over me, now that was the last straw, I needed a shower bad. Only thing holding me up, was that the ol’ lady had just ran a tub for herself! There ya go! It was okay though, I knew how to use the garden hose!

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