That “Feeling Down” syndrome

June 23, 2008 on 1:17 pm | In Business, Flea Market, Harley-Davidson, Life, Opinion, The Good Ol' Days, Uncategorized | Comments Off on That “Feeling Down” syndrome

I’m guessing that my life is finally caught up with me. My health, although by appearances seems to be improving, is not. My multiple back injuries have taken their toll and now I dread having to move at times. I’m losing my memory, my eyesight is getting worse, and I have little or no taste left. Not sure what else is going to fail next but I just hope when it does go it does it when I’m alone so I don’t have to play hard-ass and suck it up while┬áI fall over dead or something.

I’ve managed to pack rat away far too much junk over the years playing citizen and now I’m at that crossroads where I am about to just chuck it all out and say “to hell with it”. I spend my military pension and my entire social security on keeping the house and paying some bills. I reinvest so little to making it at the markets that it doesn’t seem to be paying off. Unable to ride the bike due to the seriousness of my pain problems. I have no social life and my personal life sucks. But I must admit, I do put on a good front. Depression doesn’t help my mood any either. I’ve several doctor’s appointments coming up at the VA this month. I may just check out the sixth floor to see if the head doctors might be able to shed some light on things. It’s a real pain getting old, and I’ve figured out what the worst thing about growing old is…its growing old!

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