Computer viruses

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Logged on to the Internet this morning and all I could get was some marketing add to buy virus protection! No matter what I tried to do all that would come up is screen after screen insisting I’ve got thousands of infected files that need to be addressed but when I tried to address the problems all that would happen is a constant badgering to buy what I already purchased for virus protection. It wouldn’t accept my password or e-mail account for verification yet my pay pal account was hit for the cost anyway. And I still can’t access anything on my computer without this constant shutdown and interruption from the “ANTIVIRUS XP 2008” program. Event he support pages have been nothing but a major problem to try and access or deal with , repeatedly sending me back to the beginning to purchase more security instead of activating what has already been purchased. I’m beginning to believe that it is little more then a piss-poor marketing ploy to drain accounts of whatever funds they can without ever getting to the service itself. I may just have to trash this hard drive altogether and go out and buy another clean hard rive with virus and infection protection already built in. I’m now a confirmed big fan of not downloading anything from the net at this point. Even while I’m typing this the page proclaiming I need virus protection from this company keeps popping up. And no matter what I do to resolve it, including the eradication of all related programs from my computer, it seems solidly rooted to keep itself from being removed. It’s times like these a man can really come to hate the advancement of Internet technology. I’m about to throw in the towel at this point!

Back in…Back out…

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Got back from the VA a little while ago and am feeling a bit tired out from the ride. I had some injections done in my hip and spinal cord, but they sort of nicked the spinal cord and it started leaking fluid so they decided that it needs to heal up before they can attempt the tap again in about a week or so. I’m telling you one thing is for sure, this back problem has been a bane to me for many years and it actually looks like they may be finding me some serious relief from the spinal stenosis that is closing off the already minute spinal tunnel that accomodates the spinal cord itself. Guess I’m just running out of room for expansion along the back bone. I’m looking forward to any relief at this point.


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It appears that the Presidential Race is going to be between McCain and Obama. The latter a man that although he denies he’s Muslim, still has strong ties to the Muslim community as well as a long term relationship with a kook pastor and he bears a Muslim name. Strange enough in these times of war against radical Muslims and their supporters that we’d consider the prospect of being lead by someone who bears the names of those who hate us most, I mean really, think about it… ” Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama !”  Just seems to be a bit ironic to me at the very least. Then you have McCain, a battle hardened Veteran who has served this nation faithfully and at great personal sacrifice without a second thought. Always putting the country first. I’m not saying that this Obama fellow isn’t a fine man in his own right, but let’s face it, he’s little to no experience and up until recently no-one had ever even heard of him. McCain we know, we’ve known him to be what he claims to be and to do what he says he’ll do.

Personally I can see the clarity of the decision once all the facts have been weighed. I can only hope that the rest of America weighs the true facts, and faces the reality of what life is today and tomorrow. Not wish for change on dreams of the past or change simply for changes sake. Forget about the party, focus on the man himself and the choice will be clear. Vote your conscience, you have to live with yourself.

Old Friends and Enemies Alike

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I do believe I need to give a shout out to all those who’ve lived life on the road and have come to think those days are now behind them. We made it thru the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s thinking it would never end. Plowed right thru the 90’s, most of us, raising what was our last chance of a family. Well, now it’s the 21st century and so far life sucks and we’ve begun to stagnate. Let’s face it, we’re nomads! Wanderers, gypsies of a unrecognized social standing nearly forgotten. Why I bet most of ya’lls kids don’t know of your hell-raisin’ days or that their sweet soccer mom was once a titty dancer and a damned good one too!

The way I figure it, is that in a few more years our youngest will be in college and we can sell this house and land, what there is of it, and pick up where we left off some 20 years back or so. Now I’m sure a lot of you old scooter folk are no longer with that mate of yours from some 30 years back or so. Some of ya may have hung in there despite it all, like me and the ol’ lady have. I sure would like to know what your lives are like now and just what you intend to do with the rest of what ya got left. As for me and Lori, we plan on going out pretty much the same way we come in, kickin’ and screamin’!

If any old friends, acquaintences, dancers, daydreamers and old riding buddies or even those who’ve disliked my ass or even drooled over my ol’ lady would like to drop a line, why just start right here and leave me a comment. Maybe we can all hookup somewhere down the line and see for ourselves that the brotherhood of bikers, and the gals that loved us, still got it after all!  Shiny up ya’ll.

Old friends

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We got a surprise visit from an old friend today. This fella I used to call my “protege”, due to the fact he actually paid attention when he was growing up and I was around. Always wanted to see how things were done, willing to get right in there and learn about whatever was available. He wound up pretty much following in my footsteps so to speak. became a bike mechanic, built his own Harley and rode the old girl all over, wore her like a second skin, believes, to this very day, in our biker lifestyle. Old school scooter tramp lifestyle, not like the yuppie wannabes or the posers or the weekend warrior types. real people, and good for his word. Anyway, he even looks like me, down to the balding factor, although he is a bit younger than myself, he did go bald faster than I did anyway. Love the guy, he’s like an uncle to my girls and a brother to my ol’ lady. We sat and gabbed a bit and while he was there another blast from the past called on his cell phone and when he handed me the phone the ol’ gal recognized my voice immediately. I really have to get back to good health so I can get back on the road and in the game again. Not that I’m totally out of the loop or anything, but it’d be nice to get back to the level of fear and respect I once so thoroughly enjoyed. besides, I’ve not yet reached the point where I’d not be considered sexually attractive by some of these younger split-tails that seem to continue to be thrilled by bad-boy types on motorcycles. After all, I’m married, not dead! Come to think of it, I’d really like to hear from some of the folk me and the ol’ lady used to know back in the day when we traveled the country and worked the titty bars. If for no other reason then to know they’re still kickin’ and see where life has taken them to this point. Hell, I’m sure there are a few that think us from time to time and wonder the same thing.

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