Old Friends and Enemies Alike

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I do believe I need to give a shout out to all those who’ve lived life on the road and have come to think those days are now behind them. We made it thru the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s thinking it would never end. Plowed right thru the 90’s, most of us, raising what was our last chance of a family. Well, now it’s the 21st century and so far life sucks and we’ve begun to stagnate. Let’s face it, we’re nomads! Wanderers, gypsies of a unrecognized social standing nearly forgotten. Why I bet most of ya’lls kids don’t know of your hell-raisin’ days or that their sweet soccer mom was once a titty dancer and a damned good one too!

The way I figure it, is that in a few more years our youngest will be in college and we can sell this house and land, what there is of it, and pick up where we left off some 20 years back or so. Now I’m sure a lot of you old scooter folk are no longer with that mate of yours from some 30 years back or so. Some of ya may have hung in there despite it all, like me and the ol’ lady have. I sure would like to know what your lives are like now and just what you intend to do with the rest of what ya got left. As for me and Lori, we plan on going out pretty much the same way we come in, kickin’ and screamin’!

If any old friends, acquaintences, dancers, daydreamers and old riding buddies or even those who’ve disliked my ass or even drooled over my ol’ lady would like to drop a line, why just start right here and leave me a comment. Maybe we can all hookup somewhere down the line and see for ourselves that the brotherhood of bikers, and the gals that loved us, still got it after all!  Shiny up ya’ll.

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