Old friends

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We got a surprise visit from an old friend today. This fella I used to call my “protege”, due to the fact he actually paid attention when he was growing up and I was around. Always wanted to see how things were done, willing to get right in there and learn about whatever was available. He wound up pretty much following in my footsteps so to speak. became a bike mechanic, built his own Harley and rode the old girl all over, wore her like a second skin, believes, to this very day, in our biker lifestyle. Old school scooter tramp lifestyle, not like the yuppie wannabes or the posers or the weekend warrior types. real people, and good for his word. Anyway, he even looks like me, down to the balding factor, although he is a bit younger than myself, he did go bald faster than I did anyway. Love the guy, he’s like an uncle to my girls and a brother to my ol’ lady. We sat and gabbed a bit and while he was there another blast from the past called on his cell phone and when he handed me the phone the ol’ gal recognized my voice immediately. I really have to get back to good health so I can get back on the road and in the game again. Not that I’m totally out of the loop or anything, but it’d be nice to get back to the level of fear and respect I once so thoroughly enjoyed. besides, I’ve not yet reached the point where I’d not be considered sexually attractive by some of these younger split-tails that seem to continue to be thrilled by bad-boy types on motorcycles. After all, I’m married, not dead! Come to think of it, I’d really like to hear from some of the folk me and the ol’ lady used to know back in the day when we traveled the country and worked the titty bars. If for no other reason then to know they’re still kickin’ and see where life has taken them to this point. Hell, I’m sure there are a few that think us from time to time and wonder the same thing.

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