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It appears that the Presidential Race is going to be between McCain and Obama. The latter a man that although he denies he’s Muslim, still has strong ties to the Muslim community as well as a long term relationship with a kook pastor and he bears a Muslim name. Strange enough in these times of war against radical Muslims and their supporters that we’d consider the prospect of being lead by someone who bears the names of those who hate us most, I mean really, think about it… ” Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama !”  Just seems to be a bit ironic to me at the very least. Then you have McCain, a battle hardened Veteran who has served this nation faithfully and at great personal sacrifice without a second thought. Always putting the country first. I’m not saying that this Obama fellow isn’t a fine man in his own right, but let’s face it, he’s little to no experience and up until recently no-one had ever even heard of him. McCain we know, we’ve known him to be what he claims to be and to do what he says he’ll do.

Personally I can see the clarity of the decision once all the facts have been weighed. I can only hope that the rest of America weighs the true facts, and faces the reality of what life is today and tomorrow. Not wish for change on dreams of the past or change simply for changes sake. Forget about the party, focus on the man himself and the choice will be clear. Vote your conscience, you have to live with yourself.

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