Putting her back in the game

July 3, 2008 on 12:50 am | In Business, Harley-Davidson, Leather & Lace, Opinion, Technology, The Good Ol' Days, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Putting her back in the game

Decided that I’ve been idle long enough and therefore brought the bike out from the depths of the garage and have begun to bring her back to life. All I need to do now is replace the throwout bearing on the clutch and that shouldn’t take me more then a couple of hours at best. The worst part of the job is going back down to the Harley Davidson dealer slash bike Shop where the mechanics are  young enough to be my grandkids and all only know what they’ve been taught in one of those technical schools and don’t know crap about anything built before the ’80’s. I won’t even comment about looking for parts for the Pan for crissakes. The rat bike freaks them out as it is! Well, it does give them a thrill to aid an oldtimer like myself I guess. Even if they do have a tendency to irritate me from time to time.

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