Politics again?

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I’m not sure I ever mentioned any of the reasoning behind my name, Poet. Well, some of it is due to past poetic ramblings about my lifestyle, a little with writings connected to some of the old underground papers and comics I was once associated with, but the name was given to me officially mainly due to my oratorical at wakes, funerals, and the occasional wedding of 1% ers and other close, yet sometimes a bit hardcore, friends. In over 40 years on the road riding motorcycles and living a lifestyle foreign to today’s society  and those that “think” they actually have a handle on the real workings of true “biker”, Ive managed to obtain a bit of a reputation as a philosopher of sorts. I feel this too is mainly due to the lack of individualism in today’s water fat society. The longer I live amongst the common citizen the more apparent it becomes of the rampant ignorance of reality that faces the common man. Rednecks actually have a more logical and sustainable outlook on life in general and truly understand the needs and necessities of what it is going to take for them to maintain a living for themselves and their families. And much akin to the hardcore biker family, they too, know the meaning of the word , “FAMILY”, and all that it entails, without having the need to have it explained to them by some half baked politician that somehow believes he’s some sort of messiah for the masses. When in all reality, he is little more than a part of the privileged lower class politician. When Obama complains and points out that McCain has 7 or 8 houses, and that that is supposed to show that McCain isn’t in touch with what we as average Americans are going through, it only shows how far out of touch he himself is. after all, Obama too owns several properties, and vacations in places like Hawaii, the Mediteranean, trips to Europe where he gets treated like a rock star. Yes, sure sounds like Obama is just like you now doesn’t it?  At least McCain really is the American story. And he’s for real, and he does tell the truth, whether or not its always what you want to hear, its still the truth. But politics at this time of year are full of pomp and circumstance, and it really is business as usual with the democrats, Their motto, as always, is “beat the Republicans”, Nothing about doing something about fixing whats wrong for the people, only about taking back the White house so they can once again, raise your taxes to pay for more unneeded underfunded programs that only work to widen the division of race and religion. And their biggest ploy is making the poor believe that the rich aren’t paying their share, or that they do little but take and take and drain the working man of whatever they can. Pay attention this time folk, stay the course of common sense and restore the power of the United States to where it belongs. We’re tired of the democrats taking away from our military, keeping us from drilling for oil on our own lands, and refusing to allow the building of much needed oil refineries! McCain is the only logical choice in these violent times, he’s proven his patriotism, lead men and served this nation without reservation and with only the good of this nation and it’s people his purpose. Obama is an unknown nobody with no experience in leading anything.  A single term wonder boy the democrats are banking will charm the vote from you with his cute smile and empty promises and unrealistic view of the world around us and what America faces. Me?, I’ll vote for McCain, even with the women he chose to run as VP, shows the depth of his core belief in our country.

Hijacked computer

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I’m still adjusting to the wife’s new laptop, as is she. Her new laptop is a wide screen “COMPAQ”, and has quite a lot in it as far as laptops go that is. Not that I know diddly squat about the things in the first place, but it has become a rather useful tool for the girls,the youngest for school, friends & music research, the older one for friends and music and video’s. The wife now, makes the best of it, from paying bills online to shopping online to e-mails and everything in between But the mistake I made cost me a few days offline just to clean up the mess it initiated. Seems I neglected to log out before I shut down the machine and in so doing I left a “door” open for some hacker who appears to have enjoyed his and/or her,(wouldn’t want to appear sexist now would I?) ,little stunt in the wrecking of my blog site and locking me out of it to boot. Took a couple of days to fix things and I’m still not sure I’ve corrected everything. After all, there’s a lot of posts on here I’d have to read through, and I’m not all that much of a reader, especially when it’s something I wrote!  You have to admit…that was kinda funny!

The VA and my health

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Back and forth to the VA is becoming a steady diet of frustration when it comes to getting them to actually get to the “cutting“. First off, the breathing thing with my nose has gotten pretty annoying trying to convince the doctors that everything they have had me try from the sleep machine crap,(several attempts there), to nose sprays and every type of pill one can imagine, just isn’t having any beneficial effect on me. As a matter of fact, some of it has even made my breathing difficulties worse! Now the main problem is with the discs in my back. I’ve undergone radio frequency lesioning, lidocaine injections, steroid injections, spinal epidurals, inversion therapy and a half dozen other treatments, none of which has had any lasting effect. They tell me it’s due to the severe narrowing of the spinal canal and combined with the spinal stenosis is the swelling and other crap that is affecting several discs along my spine, but the worst of them is my lower back which becomes extremely painful at times and radiates down into my hips making it almost impossible to move, least of all attempt to do anything that requires my standing up or concentrating or anything else for that matter. The pain medications they have me on actually do help me cope with it most the time. Not that they totally eradicate the pain, but they do alleviate much of the suffering and after awhile they allow me to get up and get some things accomplished, with the aid of the back brace, which was a Godsend of all things. without the back brace, I doubt I would have been able to get anything done around here at all. So now my latest, “shot doc”,wants me to go back up to Baltimore to see another neurologist to see about possibly removing one of the problem discs or maybe fusion or something. You wouldn’t believe how many wasted trips to Baltimore I’ve made since this fiasco began on fixing my back. But I guess I’ll just have to keep pushing for something to be done on the surgical level seeing as how I’ve exhausted nearly every other venue they can think of. They did, after all, actually cure me of a, “one time death sentence”, of a viral blood disease! Yes, they did do that! For which I will be forever grateful. I’m putting my faith in the VA, they’ve done pretty well by me so far. I just hope they don’t drop the ball before I get to serve!

Silent no more…

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Osama Bin Laden…Saddam Hussein…Barack Hussein Obama…? Just what it it that ties these three men together in the anals of History? Is it simply that they all share names that are Islamic in nature? Is it mere coincidence that all three had, on more then one occasion, refused to wear an American Flag Lapel Pin? Is it mere speculation alone that alludes to the three having all turned their backs during the playing of the National Anthem?

Thruout History mankind has turned to the “Prophets” and the “Healers”, and “Shamans” and all other names given to those who’d claim to be able to forsee the future of man. In all nations, in all cultures some form of this practice exists. Even in today’s religions the foretelling of the return of christianity’s “Son of God”, Jesus Christ himself, is preceded by that of the “False Prophet” the very one they say will bring down the worlds civilizations and destroy mankind itself. And according to the myths and prophecies of nearly all known beliefs around the globe, our time is looking more and more like the time-line the doomsayers have been awaiting. They say that He who will bring these things to pass will be handsome and charismatic while playing to crowds of followers, promising change while never really explaining the reality of what awaits.

Sound familiar? Think about today’s reality before you cast a vote for change for change’s sake this coming election. That’s all I ask. You have to live with your decision…maybe!

Saving America?

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Politics seem to be the big talk of the town these days,what with the gas prices and the loss of jobs affecting the economy as it is. Now this Obama fellow is acting like some kind of rock star making all these stops in foreign nations as if he’s already the leader of the free world. Problem with Obama is that his entire rhetoric is based on change without substance. After educating myself on his record and performance,it shows he’s all talk and little action. He voted against the building of new refineries despite the fact that we are in desperate need of them, and he voted against any new drilling for oil on our own lands as well. Instead he pushes for higher taxes on electricity and inventing new power sources. Now if you look at this realistically, we’ve been searching for alternative fuels for years now, and the invention of more economical sources of transportation as well. But the democratic party has blocked all attempts at the reduction of dependence on foreign oil by refusing to allow our own oil exploration to evolve.

McCain, on the other hand, has spoken realistically about our problems, not promising to make miracles happen and telling the American people the truth about what we face in the future and offering real solutions and the sacrifices we may have to make in order to free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil. Obama is a charismatic man, but has no plan for anything. Not the economy, the oil crisis, not for bringing jobs back or reducing taxes. Obama has nothing new to offer in the arena of change. His entire platform is based on change for the sake of change! He has no substance and no experience, and to top it off, the Muslim nations would love to see Barack Hussein Obama elected president of America, if for no other reason then to claim a victory over America from the inside. McCain knows what it will take to put America back in the driver’s seat of world economics as well as restoring the respect of our military worldwide. Freedom is not free my friends, as a two time, two service veteran, I can see only one choice in keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Vote for McCain, because you love your country!

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