Politics again?

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I’m not sure I ever mentioned any of the reasoning behind my name, Poet. Well, some of it is due to past poetic ramblings about my lifestyle, a little with writings connected to some of the old underground papers and comics I was once associated with, but the name was given to me officially mainly due to my oratorical at wakes, funerals, and the occasional wedding of 1% ers and other close, yet sometimes a bit hardcore, friends. In over 40 years on the road riding motorcycles and living a lifestyle foreign to today’s society  and those that “think” they actually have a handle on the real workings of true “biker”, Ive managed to obtain a bit of a reputation as a philosopher of sorts. I feel this too is mainly due to the lack of individualism in today’s water fat society. The longer I live amongst the common citizen the more apparent it becomes of the rampant ignorance of reality that faces the common man. Rednecks actually have a more logical and sustainable outlook on life in general and truly understand the needs and necessities of what it is going to take for them to maintain a living for themselves and their families. And much akin to the hardcore biker family, they too, know the meaning of the word , “FAMILY”, and all that it entails, without having the need to have it explained to them by some half baked politician that somehow believes he’s some sort of messiah for the masses. When in all reality, he is little more than a part of the privileged lower class politician. When Obama complains and points out that McCain has 7 or 8 houses, and that that is supposed to show that McCain isn’t in touch with what we as average Americans are going through, it only shows how far out of touch he himself is. after all, Obama too owns several properties, and vacations in places like Hawaii, the Mediteranean, trips to Europe where he gets treated like a rock star. Yes, sure sounds like Obama is just like you now doesn’t it?  At least McCain really is the American story. And he’s for real, and he does tell the truth, whether or not its always what you want to hear, its still the truth. But politics at this time of year are full of pomp and circumstance, and it really is business as usual with the democrats, Their motto, as always, is “beat the Republicans”, Nothing about doing something about fixing whats wrong for the people, only about taking back the White house so they can once again, raise your taxes to pay for more unneeded underfunded programs that only work to widen the division of race and religion. And their biggest ploy is making the poor believe that the rich aren’t paying their share, or that they do little but take and take and drain the working man of whatever they can. Pay attention this time folk, stay the course of common sense and restore the power of the United States to where it belongs. We’re tired of the democrats taking away from our military, keeping us from drilling for oil on our own lands, and refusing to allow the building of much needed oil refineries! McCain is the only logical choice in these violent times, he’s proven his patriotism, lead men and served this nation without reservation and with only the good of this nation and it’s people his purpose. Obama is an unknown nobody with no experience in leading anything.  A single term wonder boy the democrats are banking will charm the vote from you with his cute smile and empty promises and unrealistic view of the world around us and what America faces. Me?, I’ll vote for McCain, even with the women he chose to run as VP, shows the depth of his core belief in our country.

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