Saving America?

August 1, 2008 on 9:07 am | In Business, Life, Politics, Travel, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Saving America?

Politics seem to be the big talk of the town these days,what with the gas prices and the loss of jobs affecting the economy as it is. Now this Obama fellow is acting like some kind of rock star┬ámaking all these stops in foreign nations as if he’s already the leader of the free world. Problem with Obama is that his entire rhetoric is based on change without substance. After educating myself on his record and performance,it shows he’s all talk and little action. He voted against the building of new refineries despite the fact that we are in desperate need of them, and he voted against any new drilling for oil on our own lands as well. Instead he pushes for higher taxes on electricity and inventing new power sources. Now if you look at this realistically, we’ve been searching for alternative fuels for years now, and the invention of more economical sources of transportation as well. But the democratic party has blocked all attempts at the reduction of dependence on foreign oil by refusing to allow our own oil exploration to evolve.

McCain, on the other hand, has spoken realistically about our problems, not promising to make miracles happen and telling the American people the truth about what we face in the future and offering real solutions and the sacrifices we may have to make in order to free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil. Obama is a charismatic man, but has no plan for anything. Not the economy, the oil crisis, not for bringing jobs back or reducing taxes. Obama has nothing new to offer in the arena of change. His entire platform is based on change for the sake of change! He has no substance and no experience, and to top it off, the Muslim nations would love to see Barack Hussein Obama elected president of America, if for no other reason then to claim a victory over America from the inside. McCain knows what it will take to put America back in the driver’s seat of world economics as well as restoring the respect of our military worldwide. Freedom is not free my friends, as a two time, two service veteran, I can see only one choice in keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Vote for McCain, because you love your country!

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