The VA and my health

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Back and forth to the VA is becoming a steady diet of frustration when it comes to getting them to actually get to the “cutting“. First off, the breathing thing with my nose has gotten pretty annoying trying to convince the doctors that everything they have had me try from the sleep machine crap,(several attempts there), to nose sprays and every type of pill one can imagine, just isn’t having any beneficial effect on me. As a matter of fact, some of it has even made my breathing difficulties worse! Now the main problem is with the discs in my back. I’ve undergone radio frequency lesioning, lidocaine injections, steroid injections, spinal epidurals, inversion therapy and a half dozen other treatments, none of which has had any lasting effect. They tell me it’s due to the severe narrowing of the spinal canal and combined with the spinal stenosis is the swelling and other crap that is affecting several discs along my spine, but the worst of them is my lower back which becomes extremely painful at times and radiates down into my hips making it almost impossible to move, least of all attempt to do anything that requires my standing up or concentrating or anything else for that matter. The pain medications they have me on actually do help me cope with it most the time. Not that they totally eradicate the pain, but they do alleviate much of the suffering and after awhile they allow me to get up and get some things accomplished, with the aid of the back brace, which was a Godsend of all things. without the back brace, I doubt I would have been able to get anything done around here at all. So now my latest, “shot doc”,wants me to go back up to Baltimore to see another neurologist to see about possibly removing one of the problem discs or maybe fusion or something. You wouldn’t believe how many wasted trips to Baltimore I’ve made since this fiasco began on fixing my back. But I guess I’ll just have to keep pushing for something to be done on the surgical level seeing as how I’ve exhausted nearly every other venue they can think of. They did, after all, actually cure me of a, “one time death sentence”, of a viral blood disease! Yes, they did do that! For which I will be forever grateful. I’m putting my faith in the VA, they’ve done pretty well by me so far. I just hope they don’t drop the ball before I get to serve!

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