Politics or media hyperbole?

September 3, 2008 on 10:22 am | In Business, Entertainment, Friends, Health, Internet, Life, Opinion, Politics, Technology, The Good Ol' Days, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Politics or media hyperbole?

With politics being what they are, McCain needs to let the public know that just because his beliefs on the subject of abortion are contrary to what most women truly hold to their hearts, the right to choose! He needs to make clear that although he, as well as his running mate, are most certainly of the “pro-life” crowd, they also believe that the basic right of all free people, is the right of choice! God has given man the right to choose for himself and that man may not ever take away that basic right of choice. I believe in McCain and in his ability to lead this nation in this most volatile of times. He has the experience to understand what it will take to win the war against those that wish to bring this nation to its knees. If he can convince the women of America that there truly is a separation of church and state when it comes to the freedoms hard won by her people, that basic God given right to choose, then he will most surely win this election hands down.

I too am pro-life as is my wife of over thirty years, but we also believe in a woman’s right to choose for herself. One can only hope that the people of this country weigh the facts and do not base their vote on a single difference of opinion or belief. Legal abortion is a necessity in today’s world and any return to the back alley butchers of yesteryear can only cause great harm to this country and become fuel for our enemies.

We are facing an uncertain future and McCain has the solution, a solution that should have already been in effect had it not been for the democratic party’s repeated blocking and voting down any attempt to build oil refineries and drill on our own land and offshore re as well. And another thing, while the democrats had themselves one blowout party of a convention with all the fancy trimmings and speeches that spoke of little else but “beating McCain”!, they had no answers to the problems facing America, they had a lot of promise as usual, but no agenda other then “winning back the White House”. And while the Democrats partied, the Republicans were concerning themselves with the fate of the nation and keeping watch on storms that might prove to be devastating to those unfortunate enough to be in natures path. Our Government,(at least the Republicans and Independents) ,wanted no repeats of the mistakes and missteps of the Katrina disaster.

Hopefully America will wake up to what kind of leadership we need in this most treacherous of times before they go to vote! But look around, The price of a barrel of oil has dropped to $110.00 barrel, probably less before I stop typing. Still things are still a bit high, but stabilizing. The dollar is regaining value around the globe and the job situation too is beginning to open back up. Well, I’m a bit tired and may soon begin to ramble or sound like an idiot or something worse, so I shall call it quits for typing anymore today and try to get some much needed sleep. Shiny up y’all!

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