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Hi this is Poet’s daughter. My name is Charli and I’ve been writing poems once and a while. So I thought I should write them on here for others as well. I hope you enjoy them.

Tonight Is The Night

Tonight is the night where we will all die,

Tonight is the night where the world will flood,

Tonight is the night where the survivors shall burn,

Tonight is the night where the universe will fall.

Tonight is the night.

Tonight is the night.

Old Dearest

Old dearest, why did you betray me?

Old dearest, was I not the one?

My old dearest, maybe this was for the best…

Since you were a pervert and an ass like the rest.

Why Did You Have To Go

Why did you have to go?

Why now?

Why when so young?

I know 53 must seem old,

But it is not.

It is too young to leave.

Why did you have to go?

Why now?

Death Has Not Parted Them

My father is not in Heaven nor Hell.

His spirit is still on Earth.

He is waiting for my mother.

Until it is her time as well.

When she goes, then they will go…

They will fly to Heaven together.

He will not fly to Heaven without her.

My father has passed this test called Life.

I know my mother will pass as well.

Their founten of love has not dried up.

And it never will.


No matter what.

For their love…is eternal.

They’ll love each other for eternity.

No matter what.

Poet’s Song

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While I was busy making a 1970’s life and home for my young family, my sister was riding Harleys and partying with Poet all over the country. My name is Noreen, and after many years on the road and a baby girl needing a daddy, Poet eventually married my sister, Lori.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, music was a huge influence in our lives. Not only was music in our blood, our parents and grandparents were musicians and entertainers, but the music on the radio and in the clubs told the story of our lives.

One day I was going through my cassette collection looking for songs for an upcoming DJ gig, when Poet asked if I had anything by the Bellamy Brothers. As a matter of fact, I had their greatest hits album, so I played that for him. As I listened to the words of “He’s An Old Hippie” we realized that this song was all about the Poet who I knew. So here it is:

Our Song

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Poet and I had been together well over 5 years when we were somewhere with a group of friends when we were asked what “our song” was. We looked at each other, dumb founded, and stated that all music was “our song” and then we went onto other topics to discuss.

Later that evening we were laughing about not having one specific song that we could claim to be “our song” and after much discusion we decided that I Want to Kiss You All Over was the one song that we would feel comfortable in having labeled as “our song”

I have been avoiding music since September 4th, I just can’t listen to it without crying. Our relationship was based on music. I mean his name is Poet and I was a dancer, so our 30 years together was a dance and music was a part of our daily life. It isn’t easy avoiding music, it is everywhere, grocery shopping is the worse, they always have music playing and it makes the task of shopping a real struggle. I used to enjoy shopping, but now I dread going to any store.

I knew that one day I would hear the song by Exile of I Want to Kiss You All Over and I was dreading hearing it, and when I did finally hear it I broke down and had to leave the area in tears, with my hands over my ears, trying to keep the song out of my head and heart.

I would like to post that song, our song here and now, I just can’t listen to it as of yet.

7 Months Ago Was the Day that My Music Died

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Let me introduce myself to you. I am Lori Horton, the widow of Poet Horton, the original author of this blog. My beloved husband passed away¬† on September 4th 2008, 7 months ago today. I find myself looking at his blog every now and then, but struggle with reading it’s content and can’t get past the last entry that he had written the day before he left this earth and his friends and family.

I’ve been considering taking over this blog for several months now, but the pain I feel is so tremendous and still so raw that I’m afraid I still am a bit to shaky to do this blog justice.

Music was our life, our life was music. On September 4th 2008, it became the day that music died. With that said I am going to place this song here and will be placing music on this blog when it comes to me to do so, in memory of my ol’ man of 30 years, Poet Horton.

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