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Poet I have met a man his name is Johney. He lives and works in North Carolina. I think you would like him and approve of him. He is a good guy, a scooter tramp from the old school, much like yourself. He thinks the world of me, Charli Rose and Macina Lyn as well and has all of our best interests at heart. This isn’t something that I’d ever thought I’d have to do in my lifetime. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone else in this world for me, it was always only you and you alone my love. But life isn’t made to be spent alone and I’m tired of being alone. I’m lucky in that I have a large family and a lot of friends that are there for me, but it just isn’t the same as having some one to share your love and life with.

I miss you so very much. Every day is a living hell without you. If it wasn’t for our two daughters that you left behind I would have taken my life that night, in order to go along with you on the next journey that we are all suppossed to go on after this life time here on earth. We now have a grand daughter, she was born on December 23, 2009. Her name is Feori Nichole Dunn, a real beauty, you would just adore her. I can see you holding her, tossing her into the air, feeding her and taking care of her the way a doting grandfather should.

Macina, Charli Rose and I took the grand baby down to your parents house the other week. I’m embarrassed to say that it was the first time that have seen your folks since you left us. It was a hard visit, but a heart felt one and one that was long over due and I’m glad that we finally gathered our courage up and made the trip.

I always knew that your brothers all look so much alike, but it really took my breathe away when I saw your brother Dickie, I thought that I was going to lose it, but the girls gave me the strength that was needed to keep it all together. God I miss you terribly baby and I’m sorry that we took so long to go down and visit them, but know that we will make sure that we go down more often in the future.

 This is very difficult for me, the guilt trips are horrible and I’m hoping that I’m doing the right thing. I’m trying hard to keep it together, not for me but for our girls and for your memory Poet.

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