Greetings and salutations y’all

Well I actually made it to my 50’s, still puttin’, and still an asshole. I grew up in the sixties and built my first hawg when I was but twelve years of age with the help of a few local hardcore tramps, now long dead, (but not forgotten). In my over 40 years of ridin’, I’ve ’bout seen it all, and been a participant in most that I’ve seen. A two-time Vet with a bad attitude, three failed marriages, and one righteous ol’ lady who managed to hang with this old dog for over 30 years now. After traveling the US together we finally settled back in the Virginia countryside and bought a place to raise our two girls, one of which is now no longer a teen-ager, our little devilgirl, then there is our youngest who is in her pre-teen years, who just happens to be our little angel. Figures it’d turn out that way. 

Now I’ve watched as, over the years, tastes in sleds have changed, as have attitudes. Myself, I still believe that they haven’t built a motorcycle since 1966, then again, that’s my opinion. Straight talkin’ I’ve ridden to 49 of the 50 states and 22 or so different countries all on a Harley of one type or another!  Hopefully I’m remembered by some with some degree of pleasure, and to those that have found me unlikable, they can still plant their lips where the sun don’t shine!

Now listen up close ’cause I’ve gotta story to tell ya, it may take some time but good things happen to those who wait.

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