I Knew You So Well

September 14, 2009 on 9:12 pm | In Life, Memories, Music, Opinion | Comments Off on I Knew You So Well

Poet, I knew that you would appreciate this, I just know it.

White & Pavarotti- You’e The First, The Last, My Everything
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I Miss The Music That We Shared

September 12, 2009 on 6:35 pm | In Memories, Music | Comments Off on I Miss The Music That We Shared

Thirty years of music just can’t be dismissed. I miss the music so damn much. You used to sing this song to me, what I’d give to hear you sing it to me just one more time.

Careless Whisper

September 8, 2009 on 9:36 pm | In Entertainment, Leather & Lace, Memories, Music | Comments Off on Careless Whisper

I used to dance to this song, I just never dreamed…………………..

You Were Always On My Mind

September 3, 2009 on 8:05 pm | In Memories, Music | Comments Off on You Were Always On My Mind

Tomorrow it will be one year that you left us Poet. It has been the hardest year of my 51 years on this earth and you know darn well that there have been some tough ones. I miss you more than anyone could ever know. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry and beg the good lord to give you back to me. I can only hope that you are now free of all the pain and miserery that you endured while you were on this earth.

I dedicate this song to you sweetheart. Ride Free

Our Song

April 7, 2009 on 9:06 am | In Entertainment, Leather & Lace, Life, Memories, Music, Technology | Comments Off on Our Song

Poet and I had been together well over 5 years when we were somewhere with a group of friends when we were asked what “our song” was. We looked at each other, dumb founded, and stated that all music was “our song” and then we went onto other topics to discuss.

Later that evening we were laughing about not having one specific song that we could claim to be “our song” and after much discusion we decided that I Want to Kiss You All Over was the one song that we would feel comfortable in having labeled as “our song”

I have been avoiding music since September 4th, I just can’t listen to it without crying. Our relationship was based on music. I mean his name is Poet and I was a dancer, so our 30 years together was a dance and music was a part of our daily life. It isn’t easy avoiding music, it is everywhere, grocery shopping is the worse, they always have music playing and it makes the task of shopping a real struggle. I used to enjoy shopping, but now I dread going to any store.

I knew that one day I would hear the song by Exile of I Want to Kiss You All Over and I was dreading hearing it, and when I did finally hear it I broke down and had to leave the area in tears, with my hands over my ears, trying to keep the song out of my head and heart.

I would like to post that song, our song here and now, I just can’t listen to it as of yet.

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