Grand Babies

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Poet, my love, tonight or tomorrow you and I will become grandparents. Macina and Doug are bringing into the world the next generation of the Hortons and the Manvells and unfortunately the Dunns. I fear for our grand daughter and I wish that you were here with me to bring this new baby into this screwed up world. Her name will be Feori Nichole Dunn and I’m sure she will a most beautiful child and I can’t wait to meet her.

You can be assured that I will be telling her many stories about her grandfather and I will do my best to be the best grandparent that I can manage to be, God willing!

Poet’s Song

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While I was busy making a 1970’s life and home for my young family, my sister was riding Harleys and partying with Poet all over the country. My name is Noreen, and after many years on the road and a baby girl needing a daddy, Poet eventually married my sister, Lori.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, music was a huge influence in our lives. Not only was music in our blood, our parents and grandparents were musicians and entertainers, but the music on the radio and in the clubs told the story of our lives.

One day I was going through my cassette collection looking for songs for an upcoming DJ gig, when Poet asked if I had anything by the Bellamy Brothers. As a matter of fact, I had their greatest hits album, so I played that for him. As I listened to the words of “He’s An Old Hippie” we realized that this song was all about the Poet who I knew. So here it is:

In Memory of Poet

September 4, 2008 on 9:00 am | In Friends, Health, Relatives | Comments Off on In Memory of Poet

With a sad and heavy heart, I am posting this to let everyone know that this morning, September 4, 2008, sometime just after midnight, Poet left this world to meet his Maker.

He died while dreaming of his precious and devoted wife, Lori, and his daughters, and his many rides down the road over these 53 years to so many adventures, with Lori on the back of his Harleys and by his side for over 30 of those years.

At the end of yesterday’s post he wrote that he had decided to stop typing and get some much needed sleep, and that is what he did.

Shiny up, Poet. We love you and miss you already.


Silent no more…

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Osama Bin Laden…Saddam Hussein…Barack Hussein Obama…? Just what it it that ties these three men together in the anals of History? Is it simply that they all share names that are Islamic in nature? Is it mere coincidence that all three had, on more then one occasion, refused to wear an American Flag Lapel Pin? Is it mere speculation alone that alludes to the three having all turned their backs during the playing of the National Anthem?

Thruout History mankind has turned to the “Prophets” and the “Healers”, and “Shamans” and all other names given to those who’d claim to be able to forsee the future of man. In all nations, in all cultures some form of this practice exists. Even in today’s religions the foretelling of the return of christianity’s “Son of God”, Jesus Christ himself, is preceded by that of the “False Prophet” the very one they say will bring down the worlds civilizations and destroy mankind itself. And according to the myths and prophecies of nearly all known beliefs around the globe, our time is looking more and more like the time-line the doomsayers have been awaiting. They say that He who will bring these things to pass will be handsome and charismatic while playing to crowds of followers, promising change while never really explaining the reality of what awaits.

Sound familiar? Think about today’s reality before you cast a vote for change for change’s sake this coming election. That’s all I ask. You have to live with your decision…maybe!

Not Quite What Was Expected

June 17, 2008 on 8:56 am | In Friends, Harley-Davidson, Leather & Lace, Life, Opinion, Pretty Patches, Relatives, The Good Ol' Days, Travel, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Not Quite What Was Expected

The ol’ lady and I took our girls and two of our youngests friends out to the water on Father’s Day weekend so that we might enjoy a few days of relaxation. It didn’t quite turn out the way she had expected. What with all the stress she’s under handling just about anything and everything , she didn’t quite appreciate everybody telling her “not” to do so much. She felt like everyone was criticising her every move in voicing their opinions on whatever she said, or so it seemed to her. In all actuality they were just a bit overly concerned that she was ruining her health by doing so much. What they can’t seem to comprehend is that she likes doing things for people less fortunate then ourselves. We’ve both pretty much been that way from way before we even met, we’re scooter folk for crissakes. We know what it’s like to be down and nearly out. Our people have helped us in times of need and it’s only natural to reach out when you can and assist a fella or a dame in need. Especially if they have kids. Never suffer the innocent we believe.

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