The Story of Poet-Two-Dogs

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photo of best booth award to Poet Two Dogs

Best Booth Award To Poet-Two-Dogs

Many people throughout the years have seen the nice piece of Native American pottery, pictured above, that was presented to Poet at the “6th Annual Drums Along The Trail Powwow” that was held in October of 2000.

Poet won this “Best Booth Award” for his “Overall display of True Native Americana,” of which he was very proud and excited to receive. He had attended many powwows over the years and always had a blast, made good money, met the most wonderful people and came home a completely satisfied human being, in numerous ways.

Anyway, on this piece of pottery there was a card, which is pictured here stating the information about the award, and, as you can see, they have his name as “Poet Two-Dogs.”

Photo of Powwow's Best Booth Awarded to Poet

Powwow’s Best Booth Awarded to Poet

Now, Poet loved to tell a good story and was always pleased to explain to anyone that would actually look and read the card, why they called him “Poet Two-Dogs.”

Poet loved to tell a “good joke” and what he loved even more was to tell a joke or a story that would get a rise out of you. So, he had proceeded to tell this particular joke to a group of people around the campfire that were eating, drinking and making merry, mainly composed of Native Americans. They all thought it was the funniest joke ever, so they incorporated their new favorite joke into his name – and the rest is history, as they say.

After Poet passed, many people have asked me, including his own daughters, what the joke was that was such a hit that night and I have not been able to remember it, to save my soul. The only part I could remember was the punch line! So, tonight I took a chance and Googled, “Two Dogs joke” and BAM!!! there it was, right there, in black and white.

After showing it to Charli Rose (so she will quite asking me if I’ve remembered the joke yet), I decided to post it here so that other people that have asked me can finally get their answer. I’m sorry if it is a bit crude for some of you, but if you knew Poet at all you would know that this is pretty lame in comparision to what would normally come out of his mouth – and you would also know that he really didn’t give a flying fuck if you were offended!

Two Dogs


The young Indian boy had spent most of his life in a quandry… He felt different yet… couldn’t figure why… he was just so depressed. He went to the Chief for answers… He asked the chief how his brother Red Deer Running had gotten his name…

The chief answered in his typically poetic way…”When Red Deer Running was born, at the moment of his birth, the first thing his mother saw was a beautiful deer running off into the forest… and so Running Deer was named. It is the custom of our tribe to name the offspring according to the spirits in nature visiting upon the birth.”

Then, the boy said to the Chief… And how did my sister “Thundering Bird” get her name? The chief described again, how at the moment of her birth Thundering Bird’s mother had heard a roar of thunder and looking up, saw a bird flying in the sky…

The boy asked again, how his cousin “White Crouching Bear” had been given such a name… And the chief, looking down once more at the boy, explaining the traditions of their tribe…. White Bear’s mother had seen a rare white bear crouched over a stream at the moment her baby’s birth. Then he asked the boy…

“Why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?


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Poet’s Song

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While I was busy making a 1970’s life and home for my young family, my sister was riding Harleys and partying with Poet all over the country. My name is Noreen, and after many years on the road and a baby girl needing a daddy, Poet eventually married my sister, Lori.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, music was a huge influence in our lives. Not only was music in our blood, our parents and grandparents were musicians and entertainers, but the music on the radio and in the clubs told the story of our lives.

One day I was going through my cassette collection looking for songs for an upcoming DJ gig, when Poet asked if I had anything by the Bellamy Brothers. As a matter of fact, I had their greatest hits album, so I played that for him. As I listened to the words of “He’s An Old Hippie” we realized that this song was all about the Poet who I knew. So here it is:

Politics or media hyperbole?

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With politics being what they are, McCain needs to let the public know that just because his beliefs on the subject of abortion are contrary to what most women truly hold to their hearts, the right to choose! He needs to make clear that although he, as well as his running mate, are most certainly of the “pro-life” crowd, they also believe that the basic right of all free people, is the right of choice! God has given man the right to choose for himself and that man may not ever take away that basic right of choice. I believe in McCain and in his ability to lead this nation in this most volatile of times. He has the experience to understand what it will take to win the war against those that wish to bring this nation to its knees. If he can convince the women of America that there truly is a separation of church and state when it comes to the freedoms hard won by her people, that basic God given right to choose, then he will most surely win this election hands down.

I too am pro-life as is my wife of over thirty years, but we also believe in a woman’s right to choose for herself. One can only hope that the people of this country weigh the facts and do not base their vote on a single difference of opinion or belief. Legal abortion is a necessity in today’s world and any return to the back alley butchers of yesteryear can only cause great harm to this country and become fuel for our enemies.

We are facing an uncertain future and McCain has the solution, a solution that should have already been in effect had it not been for the democratic party’s repeated blocking and voting down any attempt to build oil refineries and drill on our own land and offshore re as well. And another thing, while the democrats had themselves one blowout party of a convention with all the fancy trimmings and speeches that spoke of little else but “beating McCain”!, they had no answers to the problems facing America, they had a lot of promise as usual, but no agenda other then “winning back the White House”. And while the Democrats partied, the Republicans were concerning themselves with the fate of the nation and keeping watch on storms that might prove to be devastating to those unfortunate enough to be in natures path. Our Government,(at least the Republicans and Independents) ,wanted no repeats of the mistakes and missteps of the Katrina disaster.

Hopefully America will wake up to what kind of leadership we need in this most treacherous of times before they go to vote! But look around, The price of a barrel of oil has dropped to $110.00 barrel, probably less before I stop typing. Still things are still a bit high, but stabilizing. The dollar is regaining value around the globe and the job situation too is beginning to open back up. Well, I’m a bit tired and may soon begin to ramble or sound like an idiot or something worse, so I shall call it quits for typing anymore today and try to get some much needed sleep. Shiny up y’all!

Silent no more…

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Osama Bin Laden…Saddam Hussein…Barack Hussein Obama…? Just what it it that ties these three men together in the anals of History? Is it simply that they all share names that are Islamic in nature? Is it mere coincidence that all three had, on more then one occasion, refused to wear an American Flag Lapel Pin? Is it mere speculation alone that alludes to the three having all turned their backs during the playing of the National Anthem?

Thruout History mankind has turned to the “Prophets” and the “Healers”, and “Shamans” and all other names given to those who’d claim to be able to forsee the future of man. In all nations, in all cultures some form of this practice exists. Even in today’s religions the foretelling of the return of christianity’s “Son of God”, Jesus Christ himself, is preceded by that of the “False Prophet” the very one they say will bring down the worlds civilizations and destroy mankind itself. And according to the myths and prophecies of nearly all known beliefs around the globe, our time is looking more and more like the time-line the doomsayers have been awaiting. They say that He who will bring these things to pass will be handsome and charismatic while playing to crowds of followers, promising change while never really explaining the reality of what awaits.

Sound familiar? Think about today’s reality before you cast a vote for change for change’s sake this coming election. That’s all I ask. You have to live with your decision…maybe!

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